Corporate Classics


World Eleven offers the possibility of becoming a part of and defending the company's team along with the values ​​of companionship, strengthening ties and providing opportunities to develop a sense of belonging, which is a useful tool for HR departments in facing the lack of identification that employees currently have

Through the Corporate Classics, the company intends to position the employee as a national team player, giving him importance and prestige in a football match, translating the feeling and motivation of the event to the business environment.

World Eleven combines feelings such as teamwork, camaraderie, a love of sports, the illusion of reaching a goal and a healthy lifestyle.

Many companies see our action as an effective loyalty and internal marketing tool, strengthening their work teams to improve their results.



Regarding the Exclusive Representation Agreement entered into on May 4, 2021, between Mr. Guillermo Luis Tofoni and the Argentine Football Association -AFA-, whereby AFA appointed Mr. Tofoni as the "exclusive and sole agent and representative for the purpose of managing the organization and/or commercialization of friendly matches to be played by the Argentine National Team" from November 1, 2022, until December 31, 2030, we hereby inform that AFA has unilaterally and illegitimately decided to "disregard" the very existence of the mentioned agreement, i.e. its materiality (firstly), and then, "in the event it had been signed," AFA denies its validity and effectiveness. For this reason, legal actions have been filed before the National Civil Court No. 65 of the City of Buenos Aires.

Mr. Tofoni argues that the mentioned agreement is a binding document generating mutual rights and obligations, as stated in its text and since it has been signed by those who held sufficient representation for AFA (including its President, Mr. Tapia). On the contrary, AFA claims the invalidity and ineffectiveness of the agreement signed by - among others - its President, despite the execution thereof, a condition denied by the President

Although Mr. Tofoni first engaged into business with AFA’s senior national team in 2006 without ever having breached any obligation, AFA’s illegitimate denial of the referred agreement -which is being prosecuted-, oddly occurs after winning the World Cup in Qatar in December 2022, a moment in which the Argentine national team’s share price is at historical levels.